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Khoma Village is located at about 11 km away from Lhuentse Dzong. Village is popularly known for producing Kishuthara (silk woven). 

Kishuthara famously known to the Bhutanese women is a type of kira which is an extremely intricate patterned silk textile weaved by the women of Khoma village. When there is not much works around in winter, the farmers especially the women keep themselve engaged in weaving.

You can see women sitting in a row of makeshift textile cottage weaving Kishuthara. Women in other gewogs like Minjey, Menbi and Tsenkhar are also involved in weaving Kishuthara. The primary raw material for the textile is the brocades which is now available in retail markets. It is considerably expensive due to its huge investment of time and energy for the weavers. The most expensive Kishuthara takes almost a year to complete due to its complicated patterns and design. The cost differs with the complication of the pattern, design and the quality of brocades being used.

The girls as early as eight years are taught weaving starting from a simple pattern of kishuthara for few months and proceeding to complicated designs and patterns.

Kishuthara is considered one of the Bhutanese woman’s most desired choice and is worn in every special festive occasions like Tshechus and Wangs. It is also one of the alternative source of income for some of the farmers during off winter season.