The name of the place was actually called as “HAMBUR” meaning place of fox. It is said that it’s a place where plenty of fox live and it is a home for hundreds of fox once upon a time. So, with the change in time people pronounced the name of place as WAMBUR instead of Hambur.

It is located in between Autsho and the Dzongkhag administration and located on the top of the hill above Budur from national highway. It is about 9 km from highway (Budur)

  •  Name of School: -       Wambur Pry School                          *     Gewog :-    Tshenkhar
  • Year of Establish:-        1978                                                    *    Year of upgrade ion:-                                                                                                      
  • School Area:-               9.69                                                      *   Thram No :-   197
  • Name of principal :-     Karma Thinley                                  *   Date of  joining present school :- 17/02/2015
  • No of teaching staff :-   07                                                      *   No of supporting staff:-    04
  • No of Students :-         101                                                       *    Boy:-      59    * Girl:-     42
  • Boarder/Day school :-  Boarder                                             *   No of Boarder:-   64
  • No of Day school :-   37                                                          *   No of Gyalpoi Tozay :-  00

  Vision :- To be an excellent learning centre imparting quality whole some education through GNH.

 Mission :- To provide quality whole some education to our future generation through GNH value oriented and Effective teaching learning


 Goals and objective :-

  • To focused all the school activites on three pillars of good governance ( transparency, Efficiency and accountability)
  • To create the school child friendly environment
  • To integrate GNH values in all the subject and school activities

    School Moto: -    Trust

  • T. Transparency
  • R. Role model
  • U. Unity
  • S. Supportive
  • T. Time conscious

Brief History :- The school is located in Wambur Village Tsankhar Gewog, 35 kilometers away from Dzongkhag .

  Chronological list of principal :-

      1st    Pema Wangdi     Headmaster.                                                          7th   Tenzen Dorji  Principal   2007-2010

     2nd    Lop Ngawang  Headmaster                                                               8th   Chencho Gyeltsen Principal  2012-2014

     3rd      Kezangla    Head master                                                                  9th  KarmaThinley Principal 2015- Till date

     4th   Yeashi Nedup    Headmaster

    5th   Sonam Tshering   Head master          

   6th    Kelzang Chophel  2002-2006      Headmaster