Name                         : Khowchung Lhakhang

Location                    : Khowchung

Gewog                       : Gangzur

Dzongkhag                : Lhuentse

Ownership                 : His Majesty the 5th King

Lama                          : Khenpo Jigme Wangchuk

Contact No                 :17659356

Yr of Construction     : 1505

Brief background   

The lhakhang was built by Pema Lingpa, heart son Kuenga Wangpo 1505 . Adding to that his father gave him the prophecy of where his seat must stand. “To the opposite of Khenpajong, there lays a ridge resembling the trunk of an elephant being hung where you will find a hamlet which would be of immense benefit to you. Go there and work for the good of all beings”, his father prophesized.

As prophesized, Khedrup Kuenga Wangpo went towards the present day Zhamling area where he found the ridge described by his father. He constructed the lhakhang and became his main seat from where Khochung Choeje lineage emerged. The lhakhang was named Rangjung Lhundrupling. Other names given were Rangjung Pemaitshel, Samdrupcholing Ngoegai Zurchong, Dechenling, and Kunzangchoedzong.

The stone bathtub and foot print of a horse, pony of Terton Pema Lingpa, can still be found there filled with water especially in the 4th month of the Bhutanese calendar