Largest Guru Statue                                                    

Name                           :          Guru Nangsa Zelnen

Takila’s Khenpo          :          17476280

Location                      :          Takila

Gewog                        :           Maenbi

Dzongkhag                  :          Lhuentse

Ownership                   :          Khoma Rinpoche      

Yr of Construction      :          2008

With initiation and funded by Druk Odiyana Project, the 154ft tall Guru Padma Sambhava statue Guru Nangsa Zelnen, was constructed at Takila under Menbi Gewog. The construction was started in March 2008 and was consecrated in 2015. The site is located 15kms drive away from Thinleypang/Tagmochu Chakzam.

The Guru statue is surrounded by eight big and 108 small stupas (chortens). Takila, as envisioned by the Late Khenpo Karpo would not only serve a sacred place of learning for monks and nuns but also serve as a home place for the old age persons in future. The place, in future is expected to be religious based tourist place which would be economic significance to the local community and nation.

After the late Ven. Khenpo Karpo, Ugyen Dongag was handed over to Lam Namdruk Zangpo on 9th June, 2017.