Gangzur Gewog is one of the eight gewog which falls under Lhuentse Dzongkhag. The gewog covers an area of approximately 536 sq kms and the gewog has altitudes ranging from 1200 to 2800 meters above sea level. High ridges; steep slopes, deep gorges and lowland in some areas characterize the topography. It has warm summer and cold winter.The Gewog has Gewog has 568 household but officially recorded is 452 households, with total population of 5067out of which 2629 are male and 2438 are female. Gewog office is located at Thimyul under Nimshong chiwog which fall in the centre. Gup as an elected chairperson looks after all the development activities and Gewog Tshogde is the highest decision making body in the gewog.

Gangzur Gewog is connected with feeder road, to reach Gewog center from Dzongkhag one have to travel 10 kms of feeder road.For administrative purpose the Gewog is divided into 5 Chiwogs with a Tshogpa each, the Chiwog is further divided into villages comprising of few households and this makes a total of 30 villages scattered across the Gewog. Gup as an elected chairperson looks after all the development activities and Gewog The Gewog is relatively developed when considered from the economic point of view of the Dzongkhag as a whole. The Gewog is accessible by motor able roads, electricity and water supply ( RWSS).The Gewog has taken full advantage of the benefits of modern economic development and the people of the Gewog have also preserved and continue to practice age old custom and tradition. The people in the Gewog mostly depend on agriculture and livestock product, though the Gewog does not have vegetables shed, Farmers travel at Lhuentse vegetable market to sell their product.