The history discloses that the name of the place “Dungkar” was originated from the physical shape of the land. The place bears the exact shape of a conch shell. Dungkar Choeje Lhakhang is believed to be stand on the tip of the Dungkar like shape of the land.Dungkar village is the ancestral home town of our beloved monarch whereby Dungkar Choeje Lhakhang is the birth place of our “ Wangchuck Dynasty”.  Today Lhakhang is owned by Choeje Tobgay descendant of Dungkar Choeje and Choeje Tobgay and his family reside in the 2nd floor of the Lhakhang.  Lhakhang houses many sacred relics and “Terma” discovered by great Terton such Terton Pema Lingpa and great Saint Desi Tenzin Rabgay.With the fund support from government, yearly owner of the Lhakhang coordinates Gurdra on 28th & 29th of 2nd month of the Bhutanese calendar, Gemjatshar starting from 30th day of 10th month till 4th day of 11th month of the Bhutanese calendar and Dungkar Tshechu (Terchham) from 8th to 11th day of 11th month of Bhutanese calendar for the well being and long life of our beloved kings and all the sentient beings.

Origin of Dungkar Choeje.                                                                      

From six thuksey (sons) of Rigzin Pema Lingpa, Thuksey  Kheadup Kuenga Wangpo (4th Son) visited the Khochung Goenpa as prophesied by his father Rigzin lingpa and married Nye Duzang Wangmo from Choewang Dungjoe.From two child, the younger son Choje Ngawang got married to Lukchu Choeje’s daughter Karma Lekzon.(Gangla Khoema,Khoma)

Choeje  Ngawang’s four Sons:

  1. Khecho :  visited  Tashigang, Bidung
  2. Sanga : visited Dungsam, Khari
  3. Kuenga Gyeltshen: visited Kuenkhen longchen Rabjam‘s densa, Kurtoe kuenzangling.

When Dungsay  Kuenga Gyeltshen was  in meditation in Kuenzangling , his Sangyum gave birth to five sons. In third year, his three sons known as Phola Phuen Sum. Thereafter, his three sons Pho La Puen Sum visited Dungkar and resided there. Thereafter Dungkar was known as Dungkar Norbu Choling.

Tenzin Gyeltshen’s daughter Tashi Pelbar resided at Mangdi, Benbi Choeje and his son Tenpai Nima. From four sons and daughters of Tenpai Nima, his second son Choeje Dradak Sam Rinchen went to Tibet to study and came back to Bhutan.

Sam Rinchen’s two sons:

  1. Younger son Rigzin :went to Tibet to study
  2. Elder son Tubshong
  3. Tubshong’s son Pema Regay married Khalong Lama’s daughter Namkha Dema

Pema Regay’s son Rabgay Gaysam Tshewang

Rabgay Sam Tshewang’s Choeje Pema married Dungsam   Bangtsho Choeje’s daughter Galey Wangzom.

Choeje Pema’s five sons and daughter:

  1. Pila Goenpo Wangyel
  2. Namdrol
  3. Pala Gyeltshen
  4. Thinley Jatsho
  5.  Penden Norbu

A. Pila Goenpo Wangyel was born in 1782. Later he went to Dungkar and married Jangsa Sonam Pelzom and gave birth to five children.

  1. Dorji
  2. Gyeltshen
  3. Jigme Namgyel
  4. Ashi Tshering Dolma
  5. Yuden

Dorji resided at Zhidrang and his son and a daughter Rinchen Zangmo (Jasabe) and son Paro Penlop Dawa Penjor.

Gyeltshen: Choetshe Darpoen and Zhemgang Dzongpon.

Sonam Zangpo and Jamyang Khentse

Ashi Tshering Dolma: Dechen Phodrang

Yuden: stayed with parents at Kurtoe.

Jigme Namgyel married Penlop Ugyen Phuntsho’s daughter Ashi Pema Choki